Lawn Mower Racing

The North West Lawnmower Racing Association will provide a full programme of racing over the weekend.

Spectators can get really close up to all the high speed action. Lawn Mower Racing was started in the UK in 1973 by a group of motorsports enthusiasts, led by Jim Gavin.

They were enjoying a pint or two in a country pub called the Cricketer’s Arms, in a sleepy corner of West Sussex. At the time they were discussing new ideas for different forms of motorsport.

They eventually settled on lawn mowers while, legend has it, standing in the gents’ toilets and looking out over the local cricket pitch watching the grounds man mow the grass!

The first race meeting saw a huge entry and the British Lawn Mower Racing Association was formed. The North West Lawnmower Racing Association has over 200 members, with 30 participants at each race – that’s more than Formula 1!

So long as it is a Lawnmower, it can be raced, but you wouldn’t want these guys cutting your lawn at home!